Free dress patterns

Below you will find a selection of free dress sewing patterns I found online

I found this one on

Free dress patterns 1

Some more free dress patterns

The next one come from

Free dress patterns 60s

You can find the pattern here

The next one comes from

Free dress patterns v-neck

The following is a great design with detailed instructions:

Free dress patterns instructions

Free dress patterns picture

You can download this right here

1950s Free dress patterns

This is a lovely 1950s dress pattern that you can download here

That’s it for now! Feel free to suggest more though and I will add them! :)


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Vintage Sewing Patterns

Here is a collection of my favourite vintage sewing patterns:

vintage sewing pattern

Vintage style sewing patterns sewing patterns vintage

Designer sewing patterns vintage style sewing patterns dress sewing patterns free vogue vintage sewing patterns mccalls sewing patterns dress free sewing patterns

The 1960s featured various trends. It was a period during which many traditions were broken, mirroring the social movements of the time.

vintage sewing patterns sewing patterns uk

Go-go boots, PVC dresses, shift dresses and other space age clothes were popular.

Vintage dress sewing patterns

free vintage sewing patterns sewing patterns vogue sewing patterns uk vintage sewing patterns for sale burda sewing patterns uk simplicity sewing patterns uk butterick sewing patterns uk sewing pattern uk

Mary Quant invented the mini-skirt, and Courrèges made lovely futuristic dresses. Everybody was wearing psychedelic prints, lots of colours, and groovy patterns.

vintage sewing patterns uk vogue sewing patterns vintage sewing patterns free

In the early-to-mid-sixties, the London Modernists (also known as the Mods) were determining popular fashion for the young British men.

60s mod men

small faces 60s mods

vintage butterick sewing pattern

A rare vintage sewing pattern for a cute dress with an inset midsection and a box pleat skirt. From the 1960s.

It has a fitted bodice with wide inset midsection, bias standing collar and a beautiful A-line skirt with front and back pleats. Short or full length sleeves. Possibility to add belt.

vintage sewing pattern white

Here are some of my creations on Etsy:

Please also have a look at these superb finds:

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Free Sewing Patterns

Here is a list of some great sewing projects for which you can find free patterns!

free skirt sewing patterns


You can find this lovely free skirt pattern here.

Ironing board free sewing pattern

This one can be found here.

Sewing machine free pattern


A free sewing patterns for this sewing machine cover can be found here.

Free mod dress sewing pattern

This is a lovely mod dress for which the free sewing pattern and tutorial can be found right here.

Reversible 1 Reversible 2

This is a lovely reversible dress and you can find the sewing pattern for it right here.

This is one of my favourite free sewing patterns:

Mod sailor dress free sewing pattern

So cute! The mod sailor dress… Find the pattern right here.

That’s it for now, but watch this space, as I will be adding more free sewing patterns all every week! ;)

Here are some items from Etsy:

There are some amazing finds in there:

There will be more free sewing patterns coming soon!

Stay tuned :)

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60s Sewing Patterns

Coming soon! :)

Until then, feel free to check out my shop on Etsy:

These are some really cool dresses and other pieces I have found on Etsy:

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Kate Middleton wedding dress

I thought I would feature this ultra-famous dress designed by Sarah Burton (from Alexander McQueen).

The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) wore it at her wedding to Prince William on 29 April 2011.

kate middleton wedding dress museum

kate middleton wedding dress red carpet

kate middleton wedding dress face

kate middleton wedding dress portrait

kate middleton wedding dress display

kate middleton wedding dress pippa

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Kirribilla FIORE dress

Love this style: combining an elegant dress with a lovely shape that kicks out and a very smart shirt underneath with a lovely round (“Peter Pan”) collar:

wedding party Kirribilla FIORE dress

Inspiring! :)

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Vintage 60s Tiziani Coat With Round Collar

Have a look at this new addition to the shop:

Vintage 60s Tiziani Coat With Round Collar Front

Vintage 60s Tiziani Coat With Round Collar Back

Vintage 60s Tiziani Coat With Round Collar Side

Vintage 60s Tiziani Coat With Round Collar labels

This is a truly amazing and rare vintage 60s mod coat!

Label reads: Tiziani, ALTA MODA PRONTA, Made in England. Size 14

The measurements are:

Bust: 38″
Hips: 41-42″
Length: 36″

Get it HERE

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Mod Dresses

Check out these mod dresses now for sale on Etsy:

Here are some of the best mod dresses I have seen:

mod dresses


This is a perfect coat and dress suit by Courreges – the lines are simple and precise. I believe this used to be sold in Harrods in the 60s.

green mod dress This is a beautiful green mod dress – I love the detail around the collar and on the sides.

grey cream coat red white poka dots 60s coat black and white lily ann chevron suit lilly ann red and blue lilly ann black and white lilly ann blue and cream suit mod green twiggy dress white mod dress with black buttons

Do you have more suggestions for mod dresses? Please feel free to contact me and I will add them to the list! :)

Check out my shop on Etsy:

These are some cool dresses from a few sellers on Etsy:

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60s dresses

Here are the latest 60s dresses from my shop on Etsy:

Here are some of my favourite 60s dresses:

60s dresses


This scalloped dress by Courreges is a beautiful and simple design. Courreges used fabrics like gabardine, which is very stiff and is perfect for shapes that kick out (like this dress).

courreges dress back I love the detail on this dress! It’s also a Courreges design.

lilly ann 60s dress


This is a dress and coat ensemble by Lilli Ann. I love the precision and detail on this design, really perfect!

vintage 60s cream mini dress

This is a lovely vintage 60s cream mini dress.

Do you have more suggestions? Please feel free to contact me and I might add them to the list! :)

Please also do have a look at these great items for sale:

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Cream bridesmaid dresses

Planning your wedding is never easy. Hopefully you will find some good advice from your friends and family. If your dress is an important part of it, make sure you choose the right one for you!

Here we have selected a few of our favorite wedding and bridesmaid dresses for you:

VALENTINO Pearl Silk-Cotton Blend Dress

(A lovely VALENTINO Pearl Silk-Cotton Blend Dress)

BHLDN cream bridesmaid dresses

(BHLDN cream bridesmaid dresses)

Etsy cream dress

This was for sale on Etsy but sold already!

BHLDN bridesmaid dress shear

BHLDN bridesmaid dress lace

BHLDN bridesmaid little black dress

BHLDN bridesmaid dress cream black bow

These 4 above are from BHLDN

1960's cocktail dress in cream silk shantung

This is one of my favorite! It sold already, unfortunately. An outrageously FUN 1960′s cocktail dress in cream silk shantung with kicky sleeveless and a keyhole neck and back. Cut high on the shoulders for a more flattering line. Absolute beauty!

Tesco bridesmaid cream dress

Sometimes you find amazing dresses where you least expect it! The one above is sold by Tesco – I find it rather sweet!

uwdress bridesmaid cream dress

I like the shape of this one – sold by UWdress.

A few more:

Cream bridesmaid dress

Cream bridesmaid dresses

Silk Cream bridesmaid dresses

The ones below are from Manuel Mota’s wedding collection:

draped cream wedding dress

in-seam sleeves cream wedding dress

v-neck cream silk wedding dress

lovely silk cream wedding dress

cream lace wedding dress

Cream wedding dresses

Aren’t these lovely? You’d want to get married everyday, just for the sake of wearing these dresses!

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